These recipes range from Vegan to Vegetarian, and even Paleo and Gluten-Free to ensure a wide array of people will enjoy these recipes. You will also find nutritional information and portion sizes to help anyone using the 21 day fix or other diet altering program use this book to eat healthy.

My 21 Day Fix recipes are continually some of my post popular recipes on the blog. Although I am not currently doing the 21 Day Fix, we still try to eat healthy most of the time and I enjoy creating healthy recipes that don’t taste like diet food. For those who have been looking for a book of recipes for the whole family, then Autumn Calabrese’s FIXATE Cookbook may be just what you have been looking for. This book contains 101 recipes for any meal of the day, including snacks and desserts.

When you are committed to a particular workout program or weight loss diet, it can be difficult to create new and healthy habits. You are not alone in feeling reluctant to start eating as soon as you wake up. I hope you enjoy these healthy recipes whether or not you are dieting! The 21 Day Fix focuses on clean eating, so if you are trying to eat cleaner, these recipes will work for that as well! Please click on the link to go to the source’s page.

In an effort to get into better shape quickly, a lot of people mistakenly think it best to skip a meal or two. However, this bad idea could actually have serious consequences on not only your overall healthy but also on your ability to lose weight or improve your physique. The Fix definitely works and it seems like its popularity is growing all the time. When I first began, I had a hard time finding recipes outside of the ones listed in the little book that comes with the program, so I wanted to round some up for anyone starting out!